Which Dentists Offer Emergency Services in Jacksonville, FL?

Emergency dental services are unfortunately not always so easy to come by, even in a major city like Jacksonville. Unfortunately, you could end up going to urgent care or the ER only to be sent away quickly with a pain management plan. When that happens, you’ll end up paying for two visits, which can get fairly pricey even with decent insurance. We’ll look at where to find emergency dental care in Jacksonville, FL, and why you’re unlikely to regret making the appointment.

Treating the Problem Early

The most memorable reason to visit an emergency dentist is the one that you might be most likely to call them for. In some cases, it is entirely possible to replace a missing tooth. If you can keep it in water or milk and get it to a dentist immediately, there is a chance that you won’t have to pay for an implant or live with the gap in your smile.

However, this is not the only reason to go to an emergency dentist. The faster you can treat anything from severe bleeding to painful toothaches, the less dental care you’ll have to look forward to in the future. For conditions like abscesses or sepsis, a trip to the dentist can potentially save your life. Once an infection reaches the bloodstream, the consequences can become very concerning very quickly.

Dentists in Jacksonville, FL

Finding the proper emergency dental care comes down to finding a dentist in Jacksonville, FL, with enough expertise to handle various conditions. At Mandarin Dentistry, you’ll work with a staff that has successfully dealt with enough scenarios, so you can be sure you’re getting the best treatment available. If you’re looking for professionals who can get to work fast, contact us today.

Veneers Vs. Teeth Whitening: Which Is More Effective?

Your teeth may become more yellow over time for any number of reasons. While we certainly think of coffee and red wine as the number one culprits, discolored teeth can be due to anything from age to disease to prescription drugs. If you’re considering a treatment to help them become whiter, we’ll look at how professional whitening and veneers compare to one another.

Teeth Whiteners Vs. Veneers

Teeth whitening in Jacksonville, FL will typically use bleaching agents to remove stains, whether they’re from last week or several years ago. While you certainly can purchase these agents at a drugstore, the truth is that you’ll get the best results with professional treatments, which can get your teeth several shades whiter than the over-the-counter alternatives. It’s worth noting that teeth whiteners can only remove external staining, meaning the stains that come from food, beverages, or age. If you have internal staining, or stains caused by tooth disease or decay, you’ll need to work out the underlying cause before you teeth can be whitened.

Veneers are a different procedure, one that will replace the surface of the tooth with a very thin, very hard coating. It’s excellent at whitening teeth, and the solution is likely to last longer than teeth whitening. In fact, whitening can only last for a few years, whereas a veneer can last as long as 15 years. For those who don’t want to keep coming in for procedures, this can be very good news. Plus, veneers can fix anything from unevenly spaced teeth to chipped teeth at the same time. The caveat is that veneers are a more involved procedure, one that will change both the shape of the tooth and the enamel.

Dentists in Jacksonville, FL

There are a variety of cosmetic dentistry services available in Jacksonville, FL for anyone who wants a movie-star smile of their own. To find the right one for you, it helps to know how a dentist will approach the situation. In some cases, you may be better off getting veneers over whitening, but the right choice will vary based on the person. For more information, contact the helpful staff of Mandarin Dentistry to find a treatment option that works for you.