5 Ways to Care for Your Teeth This Summer

This summer is coming fast; when it arrives, it’s time to go on vacation and attend family reunions. It’s important to take care of your teeth during the summer months.

You can avoid dental problems like cavities and tooth damage by taking good care of your teeth and keeping up with your oral hygiene routine. Below are five things you can do to care for your teeth this summer.

1. See the Dentist When It’s Been Six Months

Experts recommend that you see the dentist every six months. Look at the calendar and count six months from your last dental visit. If you’re supposed to see the dentist in Jacksonville, F, this summer, call to make your appointment soon. Having your appointment on the books is important for avoiding problems like cavities and gum disease.

2. Bring All Your Dental Hygiene Products on Vacation

If you’re going away on a vacation this summer, it’s important to bring your dental hygiene products, including your toothbrush and floss. Do you have an electric toothbrush? Consider getting a case to keep it safe so you can bring it with you and have it at your next hotel stay.

3. Stay Hydrated

Dry mouth can cause bacteria, bad breath, and even gum disease. Staying hydrated is important for producing saliva that helps care for your teeth.

Staying hydrated can be more difficult in summer, especially if you participate in outdoor activities. Keep bottled water on hand and drink it throughout the day, especially when you go out to the beach or engage in activities like hiking and outdoor sports.

4. Use Straws With Sugary Drinks

Using a straw can help protect your teeth from sugary summer drinks like slushies and iced sodas. Drinking water is best, but if you must drink a sugary drink, be sure to use a straw.

5. Eat from the Veggie Platter At Events

When you go to your next family get-together this summer, look for the veggie platter and be sure to eat plenty of crunchy raw vegetables, like carrots. Crunchy vegetables can help clean your teeth and keep them healthy.
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When Do You Need Emergency Dental Care?

Knowing when you need the services of anemergency dentist in Mandarin, FL, or Jacksonville, FL, can be challenging. Not all situations require prompt treatment, but we always prefer that patients err on the side of caution. For your convenience and to help you decide if you need immediate care, Mandarin Dentistry offers examples of common dental emergencies below.

Request Emergency Dental Care if You Experience One of These Situations

A badly cracked tooth can cause significant pain that prevents you from sleeping or concentrating on your duties at work or home. If the crack just happened, try to find pieces of the tooth that fell off and place them in a plastic bag to bring into our clinic. Be sure to place a gauze pad in your mouth before you leave to control the bleeding.

Other common dental emergencies include:

  • A toothache that will not subside despite using home remedies like over-the-counter pain relievers and a cold or hot pack.
  • Knocking out a tooth is a true dental emergency because it may be possible to save the tooth if you get to our dental practice on time. If you can see the tooth, pick it up by the crown and attempt to put it back in its socket first. If that does not work, place the tooth in a small cup of milk and bring it to your appointment.
  • Tooth abscesses can cause severe pain and damage your gum tissue and surrounding teeth. Rinsing your mouth with room-temperature salt water can temporarily relieve your pain until you see your dentist.

These are only a few examples of times you may need to see anemergency dentist in Mandarin, FL, or Jacksonville, FL. Please reach out with additional questions or to request an urgent appointment.

What Causes Dental Anxiety?

Dental anxiety is a phenomenon that affects millions of people worldwide. In some people, dental anxiety can be so severe that they avoid visiting the dentist their whole lives. Ironically, this makes dental health a critical issue and dental treatments more intense when they finally do visit the dentist. So, what’s at the bottom of dental anxiety? The core reasons vary among individuals, but here are some common reasons that people cite for dental anxiety:

Past Dental Trauma

A past dental trauma can lead to future dental anxiety. If a person visited a dentist in the past who was insensitive to the patient’s experience, did treatment without informing the patient of what was happening, or was less than proficient, these can all lead to having an ingrained fear of visiting the dentist.

Fear of Pain

Many people have a fear of pain or low pain thresholds. Even though there have been many advancements in dental techniques, including sedation dentistry in Jacksonville, FL, many patients still avoid going to the dentist out of fear. This underlying fear is made worse by myths and distortions, often by the media, which play on people’s fears. In reality, if you explain to your dentist that you have anxiety, they will be sensitive to your needs and help you to feel more relaxed.

Potential For Embarrassment

For many people, dental anxiety stems from feeling embarrassed about the condition of their oral health. If a person has avoided the dentist for many years, they’ll likely have less optimal oral health. In a vicious circle, they avoid the dentist, worsening the condition. You should know that professional dentists don’t judge a person by their oral health. The idea is to save as many original teeth as possible and get a person back to smiling confidently.

Generalized Anxiety

Conditions like generalized anxiety disorder, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder can further intensify dental anxiety. People with these conditions might have heightened anxiety levels, making dental appointments more challenging.

At Mandarin Dentistry, we hope that dental anxiety won’t keep you from visiting the dentist in Jacksonville, FL. We offer sedation dentistry and are eager to make you feel as comfortable, welcome, and relaxed as possible. We treat each patient with respect and dignity. Contact us today to book your appointment!

How Many Times a Year Do I Need to See the Dentist

If you are shopping for a new dentist as an adult or for your child, you might wonder how often you need to visit. A dentist is the person to go to for a dental cleaning and oral checkup.

You may need to visit your local Jacksonville, FL dentist more often than once or twice a year. Notice these timeframes for when most people visit the dentist.

Top Most Common Times to Visit the Dentist

Most people go to a dentist in an office of general dentistry once or twice a year. Typically, a tooth cleaning and oral exam schedule is every six months.

However, if you are infirm or unable to visit the dentist due to travel for work, you may be able to go to the dentist for a cleaning annually.

If You Have Gum Disease

If you have been diagnosed with a gum disease called gingivitis, you may be scheduled to visit the dentist more often. This oral condition can lead to tooth decay and loss if left untreated.

Therefore, it is recommended that patients with gum disease go to the dentist every four months for periodontal disease treatment. This treatment includes gum scaling and more extensive cleaning, such as with a Waterpik, to remove bacteria that eat away at gum tissue.

If You Have Braces

If you wear braces or have orthodontics, you may be required to go to an orthodontist. An orthodontist is a specialized dentist who focuses on braces and does not do dental cleanings.

While you will be visiting the orthodontist once a month, you still need to maintain your dental cleanings with a general dentist, such as Mandarin Dentistry in Jacksonville, FL.

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4 Things You Can Do To Stop From Getting Cavities

Cavities are bad for your teeth and uncomfortable as well, so it’s important to take steps to protect yourself from cavities. As your dentist in Jacksonville, FL, we’ve got advice that can help protect you from cavities. We also provide dental care that can help you maintain healthy teeth and gums. Here’s what to know about how you can protect yourself from cavities.

1. Avoid Sugary Drinks and Foods

Consuming sugar can lead to tooth decay, especially if you don’t brush your teeth well when you’re done. Avoiding sugary foods and drinks can help with this. Avoid desserts whenever possible, or purchase sugar-free foods for your desserts instead. Look for sugar-free drink alternatives as well.

2. Brush and Floss Well

You probably already brush your teeth twice daily and floss once per day. But are you brushing your teeth well? Maintaining good brushing and flossing habits can help you prevent plaque and tartar from building up on your tooth enamel, which can help keep your teeth free from bacteria and ultimately, free from cavities. If you’re not sure whether you’re doing a good job brushing, ask your dentist to give you a tutorial the next time you go in for a dental exam and cleaning.

3. Get Dental Sealants

Dental sealants can protect your teeth from bacteria and dental decay. Talk to your dentist to find out whether dental sealants are a good option for you.

4. See the Dentist Regularly

You should be seeing the dentist for preventative dental treatment in Jacksonville, FL, or more often if directed by your dentist. When was the last time you saw the dentist? Call Mandarin Dentistry to make an appointment for your next dental cleaning.