How Can You Tell if You Grind Your Teeth? An FAQ About Bruxism

Do you suffer from headaches in the morning, or are your teeth damaged by cracks and chips? It’s possible that you’re affected by a condition called bruxism. Bruxism can impact your dental health, but you can prevent damage by taking proactive steps to protect teeth. Working with your dentist in Jacksonville, FL can help. Here’s what you need to know about bruxism.

What is bruxism?

Bruxism is a condition that causes the affected patient to grind their teeth at night. Usually, the person who is grinding their teeth at night doesn’t know that they’re doing it. Often, it is a spouse or a bedmate that tells them that they’re grinding their teeth.

How can you tell if you grind your teeth at night?

While you may not know that you’re grinding your teeth because you’re sleeping through it, there are some signs that you can watch for.

  • You get a headache in the morning when you first wake up.
  • Your teeth are worn down or the enamel is cracked and damaged.
  • One or more of your permanent teeth has become loose.
  • Your teeth are overly sensitive.
  • Your jaw aches.

Even if you haven’t noticed any of the symptoms and your partner has not noticed that you’re grinding your teeth, your dentist may still be able to tell.

How can you protect your teeth from the effects of bruxism?

If you grind your teeth, one way that you can protect your teeth is by wearing a night guard to bed. The best night guards are custom-made for the patient, for a comfortable fit. Your dentist can help you get a custom night guard to protect your teeth.

Think you grind your teeth at night? Contact your dentist in Jacksonville.

You can get help for your teeth. Start by talking to your dentist about nightguards in Jacksonville, FL. Your dentist can help you get custom nightguards that fit easily on your teeth to protect them from the effects of tooth grinding. Call Mandarin Dentistry today to make an appointment.