3 Signs It’s Time to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

When so many people get their wisdom teeth removed in Jacksonville, FL, you might think that it’s a rite of passage that you have to go through at some point in your life. However, not everyone will need to get their wisdom teeth taken out, so it’s important to know when it’s necessary. Here are three signs that you shouldn’t wait to make an appointment.

Partial Emergence

If your wisdom teeth don’t come in fully, the half-in, half-out tooth will attract all kinds of bacteria to the region. Wisdom teeth are difficult enough to clean as it is, and a tooth that’s only partially emerged will act as a conduit for germs, which can eventually lead to infection or cavities.


We can sometimes forget just how movable our teeth are. If one’s gone, the other will move in to take its place. If there are too many, they can start to crowd each other out. This doesn’t just make it difficult to chew or speak, it can actively damage your healthy teeth.


When wisdom teeth don’t come in, it means that they’re hidden under the gums. Sometimes, this can cause pain, but even when it doesn’t, it’s important not to ignore your wisdom teeth. If they’re trapped, they can either become infected or trigger a cyst in the mouth.

See a Dentist in Jacksonville

Ideally, you should see your regular dentist in Jacksonville, FL often enough that they can tell you when it’s time to get your wisdom teeth removed. However, if it’s been a while or you’ve had a development in the past few months, Mandarin Dentistry can help. Contact us to learn more about what we can do to help you protect your oral health.

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