Improve the Brightness of Your Smile with Professional Teeth Whitening

You have a special event, and you want to look your best. Unfortunately, the stains on your teeth have worsened over the years, and now you feel self-conscious when you smile. At Mandarin Dentistry, we can help you prepare for the event and renew your confidence withprofessional teeth whitening in Jacksonville, FL.

Skip the Drugstore Teeth Whitening Kits

Many drugstores sell teeth whitening kits that promise great results and the ability to brighten teeth at home. However, many people feel disappointed with the results or frustrated by attempting the procedure themselves. Our dental clinic has access to stronger bleaching agents that clean several layers of enamel to bring out the natural shine of your teeth.

The Mandarin Dentistry Difference

Instead of struggling with teeth whitening strips or one-size-fits-all mouth trays containing a bleaching agent at home, we take impressions of both rows of teeth to provide you with customized mouth trays. When our laboratory technicians finish creating the mouth trays, we will contact you to come in for the teeth whitening procedure.

During the procedure, you sit in a dental chair for up to 60 minutes while wearing a mouth tray containing bleaching gel on your top and bottom rows of teeth. Dr. Megan Moshea then has you rinse your mouth and shine a curing light on your teeth for a few minutes to further simulate the bleaching chemicals. She then cleans your gums and teeth to remove plaque and tartar, which helps you avoid cavities that could detract from your new smile.

Call Today to Request a Free Consultation

Dr. Moshea is pleased to offer free consultations to any patient who is consideringprofessional teeth whitening in Jacksonville FL. Please reach out today.

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