Possible Causes of Swollen Gums

When you visit yourJacksonville, FL, dentist, one of the things that your dentist looks for is swollen gums. Healthy gums aren’t swollen, so this condition means that something is going on that shouldn’t be. It may not be serious, but it could be, so it’s important to have a general idea of the possible causes of swollen gums. That way, if this happens to you in between dentist visits, you can have a better idea of what to do about it.

Poor Oral Hygiene

When you brush, floss and rinse after every meal, your teeth and gums have a better chance of remaining healthy. If you find that your gums appear to be swollen, the reason could be that you’re not maintaining proper oral hygiene. If you feel that you are, consider if you’re using the best toothbrush and brushing method. Change your toothbrush often, and keep it clean in between uses to prevent re-infection with bacteria.

Dental Infections

Certain dental infections, such as a tooth abscess, can cause gums to swell around the affected site. Typically, you would experience some pain or tenderness in the area, too, so this is another clue that the reason for the swelling may be due to an infection. If you notice a pus discharge when you press against the gums, this is another sign of an infection. Dental infections should be treated as soon as possible to prevent spreading.

Something Stuck in the Gums

Sometimes, a sliver of food can get stuck in the gums. This is especially true of popcorn, where the hull of the popcorn can adhere to the surface of the tooth and make its way beneath the gum line. If you choose to snack on popcorn, be sure to carefully brush your teeth afterward in order to avoid this problem. If gums are swollen only around one tooth, it may, in fact, be a small piece of food that’s made its way to the wrong place. A close visual inspection should help. But if the swelling persists, see your dentist.

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