Smoking and Your Oral Hygiene: What to Know

Did you know that smoking is bad for your oral hygiene? There are many ways that smoking can change your mouth to increase your risk for various oral health conditions. Knowing the impact that smoking can have on your mouth can help you decide how to manage your oral health, whether that means making more regular visits to the dentist or even stopping smoking. As yourdentist in Jacksonville, FL, the professionals at Mandarin Dentistry can help you determine the best way to care for your mouth.

Smoking Causes Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is what happens when your mouth doesn’t produce as much saliva as it should. Saliva is an important part of the environment in your mouth. Saliva helps clean your mouth and wash away bacteria. Without adequate saliva, you can experience a variety of problems, including difficulty speaking and swallowing, problems with digestion, and overall discomfort. Dry mouth can also contribute to poor dental health because of the role saliva plays. You need saliva to help keep your teeth clean.

Smoking Increases Risk of Gum Disease

Smoking weakens your immune system, making it harder to fight infection. This puts you at higher risk for conditions like gum disease, which can cause gum recession, bleeding in the gums, and even tooth loss.

Smoking Can Cause Halitosis

Halitosis is a condition that causes very bad breath, even after you’ve brushed your teeth. Smoking can put you at higher risk for halitosis because of the potential for dry mouth and gum disease.

Get Help from Your Dental Professional

If you smoke, it’s very important to see your dentist twice annually forregular dental checkups in Jacksonville, FL. At Mandarin Dentistry, we’re committed to protecting your dental health. Call today to make an appointment.

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